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If a medicine has unknown lively components, it might fail to have the intended effect, may have an unexpected interplay with different medicines you take, could trigger dangerous negative effects, or could cause different severe health problems, resembling serious allergic reactions. Food allergy has develop into an enormous public health downside. They can be harmful to your way of life in the event you develop a problem. STS-83 was cut brief on account of a problem with one of many three fuel cells that provide electricity. At 22:15 GMT Discovery entered an initial seventy four x 324 km x 51.6 deg orbit, with the OMS-2 burn three quarters of an hour later circulising the chase orbit. Then the Orbiter fired its jets to drift away from the orbit of Mir. Perigee: 550 km (340 mi). Perigee: 247 km (153 mi). Perigee: 359 km (223 mi). Perigee: 377 km (234 mi). Perigee: 298 km (185 mi). The mission this time went for its full two week duration.

The crew accomplished the full list of experiments. Main payload was the Life and Microgravity Spacelab for conducting human biological and microgravity experiments. Liftoff was further delayed 20 minutes as a consequence of anomalous oxygen readings in the orbiter’s payload bay. Returned to Earth aboard Atlantis were 570 kg of U.S. The crew transfered to Mir 466 kg of water, 383 kg of U.S. In the course of the docked section, 640 kg of water, 515 kg of U.S. The TI rendevous terminal initiation burn was carried out at 17:32 GMT on September 27, and Atlantis docked with the SO (Docking Module) on the Mir complicated at 19:58 GMT. Astronaut John Blaha relieved Shannon Lucid as NASA resident on the advanced. At 02:Sixteen GMT January 19, Atlantis separated from Mir after picking up John Blaha, who had arrived aboard STS-seventy nine on September 19, 1996, and dropping off Jerry Linenger, who was to stay aboard Mir for over 4 months. Valeriy Korzun, Aleksandr Kaleri and John Blaha stay on Mir. Flight: Soyuz TM-24, STS-seventy nine Mir NASA-2, STS-81, STS-eighty one Mir NASA-3. After a night time launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, the Shuttle docked with Mir at 03:55 GMT on January 14. STS-eighty one transferred 2,715 kg of tools to and from the Mir, the most important transfer of objects to that date. 19:20 GMT – .

NASA’s first Shuttle mission of 1997 came to an in depth with a landing at the Kennedy Space Center at 14:22 GMT on January 22 (after the first alternative was waved off attributable to cloud cover on the Cape). Cargo Bay Payloads: – MSL-1: The Microgravity Science Laboratory included the primary take a look at of the International Space Station’s Express Rack. Type: Manned house laboratory. Class: Manned. Type: Manned area laboratory. Manufacturer: Houston. Class: Manned. Company: NASA Houston. Producer: Douglas. Agency: NASA Houston. Program: STS. Manufacturer: Bremen. Program: STS. Program: Spacelab. Class: Manned. Program: Mir. Class: Manned. On September 19 Atlantis docked with the Russian Mir area station. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Baker, Mike, Grunsfeld, Ivins, Jett, Linenger, Wisoff. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Brown, Curbeam, Davis, Robinson, Rominger, Tryggvason. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Brown, Bursch, Casper, Garneau, Runco, Thomas, Andrew. Crew: Brown, Bursch, Casper, Garneau, Runco, Thomas, Andrew. Crew: Brown, Duque, Glenn, Lindsey, Mukai, Parazynski, Robinson. Crew: Bloomfield, Chretien, Lawrence, Parazynski, Titov, Vladimir, Wetherbee, Wolf. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Bowersox, Harbaugh, Hawley, Horowitz, Lee, Smith, Steven, Tanner. Nation: USA. Associated Individuals: Chang-Diaz, Gorie, Kavandi, Lawrence, Precourt, Ryumin. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Anderson, Dunbar, Edwards, Joe, Reilly, Sharipov, Thomas, Andrew, Wilcutt.

Crew: Anderson, Dunbar, Edwards, Joe, Reilly, Sharipov, Thomas, Andrew, Wilcutt. Crew: Altman, Buckey, Hire, Linnehan, Pawelczyk, Searfoss, Williams, Dave. Backup Crew: Titov, Vladimir. At 14:30 GMT on April 6 the crew have been ordered to begin a Minimum Duration Flight (MDF). Extended Duration Orbiter pallet Two Get Away Special beams with canisters G-197, G-467, G-772 (Colorado’s COLLIDE experiment, which collided small particles into each other to simulate the formation of planets and rings). Deployed and retrieved the CRISTA-SPAS-2 (the Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers and Telescopes for the Atmosphere-Shuttle Pallet Satellite-2) designed to review Earth’s center ambiance. The CRISTA-SPAS-2 was making its second flight on the Space Shuttle and represented the fourth mission in a cooperative enterprise between the German Space Agency (DARA) and NASA. Payload: Discovery F23 / CRISTA-SPAS-2. Payload: Columbia F23 / Spacelab LM Unit 1 / EDO. Atlantis blasted off on a night time launch to Mir, docking with the station on May 17 at 02:33 GMT. Payload: Atlantis F18 / Spacehab Double Module.